Providing sports massage therapy and BEMER for your horses in the MD, VA, WV, PA, and NY.

Stasha Swartz, Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and Clinician

Morgan Horse Judge Applicant

On The Mend Restorative Massage, LLC


Competitions are wrapping up, and a 2024 schedule will be posted soon!

Balu had so much fun in the sand and couln’t stop running around. At the time the picture was taken he was already tired … but that couldn’t stop him from running around and having the time of his life.

On The Mend: Mission

To support the overall well-being of your horse athletes and companions.

Sports massage therapy is specifically designed to bring relief to tense, tired, and/or overworked muscles; to rid muscles of toxins that naturally build up through work and over time; and to address muscle tension from injury and/or scarring.

BEMER: Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation is used by top-tier equestrians to keep their equine athletes  healthy, sound, and happy. It increases blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body that promotes healing, waste removal. It is proven to reduce muscular back pain while increasing posture, flexibility, and functional movement in horses.