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February 2022

Sid has been getting regular massages, and I can definitely tell when he gets one. He is much looser and able to get under himself in challenging dressage gaits and moves. I am so glad Stasha is able to massage him on a regular basis to help me keep him in top condition.
-Ally, Sid's owner


February 2022

Mocha was a lot less reactive with her head and generally seemed happier. She didn't react at all when I did her girth. She was still weird with pulling etc when I rode her but I could tell it [the massage] helped.
- CR, Mocha's owner


March 2022

I did ground work with Pia after her massage and could tell she was a lot more comfortable. She was moving under herself and going over poles a lot better. Thank you for massaging her and looking up her muscles to check how she might be affected by tightness in certain areas.
- PS, Pia's owner


April 2022

I noticed that Nika wasn't acting her normal self under saddle. I called the saddle-maker then Stasha. Stasha found tight spots and was able to release the muscles in Nika's entire body - such a change under saddle the next day! I was so appreciative and now Nika is on a bi-weekly schedule for massages.
- CA, Nika's owner


June 2022

Bahama felt good for her games! She felt more comfortable and was moving well. She loves her job!
-M, Bahama's owner


July 2022

Sailor was practically floating after his massage! I haven't felt him like that in a long time - thank you!
-GK, Sailor's owner


July 2022

Enzo wasn't trotting fully and kept swapping gaits. One massage and BEMER session made a HUGE difference. We booked Stasha to continue to work with Enzo throughout the horse show. We were converts to massage and BEMER!
-Dark Horse Training


Winter 2023

Jack suffered a bite on his withers from his pasture buddy. He was getting stiff and trying to drop his shoulder when he was being ridden. After a BEMER and massage session, we had a terrific ride!
-LB, Jack's owner


February 2023

The BEMER session seemed to really help! After carrot stretches today, he actually went to the right today!
-LC, Johnny's owner


October 2023

She was so relaxed for her class at Nationals. The second massage and BEMER really made a difference for her mentality. She can be a nervous horse, but she was so relaxed and willing!
-St. Lawrence Stables, Trainer


Sept. 2023

She felt so much better after her massage and BEMER. The stretches you showed us have also really helped her at home!
-Broadmoor, Trainer